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What you keep is equally as important as what you earn.

Advocating For Your Today and Tomorrow

Who We Are

Business Blocks 101, Inc., was founded by John Mark Canada, a retirement and investment specialist.
At Business Blocks 101, Inc., we specialize in reduced risk investment strategies that are designed to be defensive during times of market volatility and opportunistic during times of growth. This strategy allows us to assist our clients in securing a better retirement.

How We Can Help

As fiduciaries, our commitment to you is simple: To be honest, transparent and always looking out for your best interest, first and always.
At Business Blocks 101, Inc., it is our goal to help our clients create a comprehensive financial plan that is designed to help to secure their financial futures and ensure true peace of mind.

Our Tax Prep Specialization

What is your most strategic approach to filing your taxes?  How can you keep all that you can? These are just some of the questions Business Blocks 101, Inc. helps people answer with their dedicated, in house tax service.
Learn more about how you can receive the Business Blocks 101 treatment for your personal and/or business taxes.