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Investment Strategies of the Wealthy

A recent study performed by the investment research firm, Openfolio, found that the wealthiest 1 percent of American investors had higher returns, or less of a loss, than the rest of investors, year over year. Of course, we all know that wealthier people make more money than those with less money, given the same rate of return. (Five percent of $1 million is a lot more than 5 percent of $100,000.) That's to be expected, but it has been found that the return is not even the same, not even close really, according to Openfolio. [...]

Should You Pay Off That Mortgage Early?

The amount of money that you have is what you have, and if you want to allocate some of it somewhere, you are likely taking it away from somewhere else. You are losing an opportunity in one area, to capture an opportunity somewhere else because, specifically in the short term, your financial resources are finite. [...]

The Number That Can Define Your Future

Our society today is very focused on the quantifiable characteristics of a person. What was your GPA? How much money do you make? How many years' experience do you have? But there is one number that is becoming more and more critical, and it is often ignored by millions of Americans. It is a number that can determine whether someone gets a home, a job, maybe even a spouse. [...]

March Madness and Your Investment Strategy

March Madness college basketball is in full swing, and no matter what team you cheer for, it's an exciting time of year. When I watch many of the games, I can't help but see the strategy behind the game. Believe it or not, there are a number of similarities between a successful sports team and a successful financial plan. Game management is much like portfolio management, and just as there are nervous parents watching the games, there are a lot of nervous investors watching their portfolios. [...]

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